EP248 Male & Female Sexual Dysfunction with Patient & Documentary Filmmaker Aaron Canada & Justin Ouelette


Today we are talking about sexual dysfunction! Sexy right? Well it’s important because 40% of men and women have some form of sexual dysfunction and we have a patient/documentary filmmaker, Aaron Canada & Justin Ouelette, who’s been making waves in this department.


In the episode you will learn about:

✔️Sexual dysfunction

✔️Erectile dysfunction

✔️Primary Vaginismus 


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About Aaron and Justin:

Aaron is directing/producing a film that focuses on Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction. It’s an expansion of a short documentary he made specifically about Erectile Dysfunction that has won a few awards, and has received really positive feedback from sexual health professionals across the country. That film was personal for him because he had been suffering from ED for 20 years, since the age of 17. Now, he’s telling both male and female sexual dysfunction stories, including my co-Producer Justin’s, who’s suffering from severe ED due to prostate cancer treatment, and how that’s affecting his relationship with his life partner Hugo; as well as Aaron’s fiancée Pepper’s story, who has never sought diagnosis or treatment for what they’re almost entirely certain is Primary Vaginismus. Learn more about their kickstarter campaign. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aaronmcanada/sexual-dysfunction-a-love-story

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