The Pleasure Accelerator: Harness your Power in the Bedroom to Supercharge every area of your Life.


Are you ready to become an erotic magnet, unleash your deepest desires, and have deep fulfilling intimate relationships? Come LIVE and stay to the end to get our Pleasure Positive™ Guide with our favorite practices you can do on your own after the workshop.


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Here's what we'll cover:

The Pleasure Mindset

Know your worth. Don’t tell anyone but there’s a Lil’ Bitch in your head who sometimes says some crazy sh*t! Uncover and eliminate a blindspot that may be holding you back.

Desired Future Visualization

Our FAN FAVORITE technique to tap into your deepest desires and unlock what you truly want. And you may even conjure the courage to start asking for it.

Embrace Erotic Empowerment

We give you our favorite AND easiest embodiment practice ‘The Pleasure Anchor’ to experience every ounce of pleasure…no matter what your circumstances are. 

You know self care is important but you just can’t find the time this can be the turning point you’ve been waiting for…


You’re ready….

  1. For this to be the year where you turn your desires into a reality  both in and out of the bedroom. 
  2. For deep fulfilling intimacy with yourself and in your relationships.
  3. To heal inner wounds that are holding you back from your fullest  authentic expression
If any of the following sound like you, do yourself a favor and do not miss this 90 min workshop.

Sarah, Australia

“I had such a fantastic time at the workshop last night. Getting up this morning I definitely feel like a newer, more open and playful version of myself.” 


Bob, Los Angeles

“I am changing some very challenging sexual programming from my upbringing. I want to learn how to create pleasure in a woman and be the best damn lover that I can be. This workshop helped me so much!”

A Note From Your Coaches…

After 250+ episodes interviewing the top sexperts, doctors and thought leaders in the sex positive realm, we’ve experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from being disempowered around our sex and sexuality, unable to ask for what we want (let alone get what we want) to being at the forefront of the pleasure revolution, fully embodied in our erotic empowerment, living the lives we once dreamed of.


We’re passionate about sharing these core lessons of our Pleasure Positive Curriculum because we love seeing our participants unleash what's possible in their relationships and sex life, realize and voice their truth, start creating time for themselves, then send them out into the world ready for a life full of pleasure and freedom. 

When you prioritize yourself, you remember who you really are… a badass, sexy force to be reckoned with… we want that for YOU + 1 MILLION PEOPLE because we believe pleasure is the way to peace.

You owe it to yourself to at least take a risk-free FREE plunge to see what your life could look like if it were guided by pleasure.

We look forward to having you dip your toe into this work with us in our 90 minute workshop, so you can supercharge a life your design. 

With Pleasure,

Katie, Lindsey & Madison


“Since the workshop, I have been reciting my pleasure anchor, which has helped me clear my mind, focus on what brings me pleasure and so far I can turn myself on anytime. It feels like I am mentally touching myself. 

For the first time, I had multiple orgasms and female ejaculation  all at the same time during self pleasure by creating the mood using the Pleasure Anchor. It was so powerful and freeing to experience it. I didn’t know that was possible during self pleasure. 

I also experienced a nipple orgasm. I was in shock because, honestly, after listening to Clit Talk’s episode on orgasms, I was skeptical that more than one of those was possible for me. Having a pleasure anchor is SO powerful - I love it! 

Also for the first time I masturbated 3 days in a row, wow! Normally, I can manage once a week because I don't get easily turned on, but hello pleasure anchor, and open the flood gates lol.”

- Kim, Canada

Ready to embrace your erotic empowerment no matter what your circumstance?

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