join us January 1st, 2024

21 Day Self Worth Reset


Are you ready to be a badass, sexy force to be reckoned with?


Unleash Your Inherent Power with a 21-Day Self-Care Reset!

Prioritize yourself and rediscover the essence of who you truly are. Let pleasure, confidence, and freedom be your companions on this transformative journey.

Your self-worth is non-negotiable – invest in yourself and watch as the extraordinary unfolds. You are undeniably worth it.


21 Day Self Worth Reset

It takes 21 days to create a habit and what’s a better habit to train yourself in that gives you a whole new skill set to prioritize yourself, maximize confidence and communicate your desires.

Proven roadmap

We’ve taken our best exercises and pleasure practices from 300+ episodes of The Pleasure Positive Podcast and synthesized it into an easy to follow roadmap.

21 Guided Audio Prompts

Everyday you will have access to the exercises, journal prompts, & custom meditations that have made a real, lasting difference in our Pleasure Positive Lifestyle.

Private Community

Community is everything and a group of like-minded people concentrated in one place (even virtually) is a manifestation temple. Enter our Private Facebook Group! This group is our magical cauldron where you’ll find the support and connection that will fuel you through the 21 days.

Reset at Your Own Pace

You can do all 21 days in a row or jump into the prompts whenever you need a radiance booster. There is no right or wrong speed for your reset.

"Before this program I had no access to sensual pleasure. Now I can’t believe how much more comfortable and confident I am. The exercises were simple but OMG impactful. This past weekend I went on vacation and I was in a swimsuit the whole time and used the beach as my catwalk! Game changer and just in time for hot girl summer!"

-Katie, Participant of The 21 Day Self Worth Reset

The secret to epic pleasure starts with self worth.