Living a pleasure positive lifestyle is our expertise. As Sex & Empowerment Communication Coaches, Intimacy Experts and hosts of the top-rated sexuality podcast, PPL, we help you get better in bed by overcoming shame, exploring your sexuality and communicating more meaningfully around desires. So if you’ve ever felt ashamed, frustrated or confused about sex and sexuality, you’re not alone and we are here to help!  

Sex & communication are skills but unfortunately, no one teaches us how to be an amazing lover, or have deep meaningful intimacy, or express our sexuality in a healthy way. So many of us have terrible sex educations that are based in fear and misinformation. 

What really lights us up is seeing our clients gain sexual confidence and have more pleasurable, satisfying sex that’s baked into their individual, tailored pleasure positive lifestyles. 

So after 250+ episodes interviewing everyone from doctors, sexperts, celebrities and even porn stars, we have created this audio training of our best self-love practices so you can benefit from our years of trial and error and get the erotic empowerment (and orgasms) you're looking for FAST!