The Power of Intimacy Coaching

Whether you're an individual looking to break through hang-ups about sex or a couple seeking to deepen their connection, intimacy coaching can be a powerful tool for helping you achieve your goals. 

An online intimacy coach can focus on physical intimacy and sex, be more like relationship coaching, or combine the two approaches. At Pleasure Positive Living, we tailor our approach to each client to help you overcome intimacy issues and discover your best self!

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What Is An Intimacy Coach?

An online intimacy coach helps clients (either individuals or couples) with intimacy, relationship, and sexual issues. We help clients develop the skills to create and deepen emotional and physical intimacy in their relationships.

Our intimacy coaches often use exercises that build your mindfulness and ability to be in the moment. These can include breathing to make you feel fully “embodied” or exercises to hone your senses.

We also help you learn about your and your partner's specific attachment styles. Learning about how you and your partner connect can help you deepen your connection.

You should also learn to be more aware of your partner's emotions and physical cues. You may learn about incorporating a more affectionate touch in your relationship. The Kinsey Institute has found that kissing and cuddling are associated with greater sexual satisfaction for both men and women.

The answer to “what is an intimacy coach” changes for each client or couple. Our intimacy coaches pull from a vast toolbox of techniques and exercises to address each client's specific needs. 

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What Makes Intimacy Coaching Different From Couples Therapy?

While both intimacy coaching and couples therapy can help couples improve their relationships and physical intimacy, they work better for couples in different situations.

Intimacy coaching focuses on the specific goals couples have for their relationship. It works well with couples who already have a stable relationship and need extra help to deepen their physical and emotional connection. Coaching is based around taking action and finding solutions.


Who Needs an Intimacy Coach?

You may decide to get coaching if you and your partner need help to bring physical intimacy back after the birth of a child or a health issue, for instance. Many couples need outside help to improve their sex lives after a serious illness. Other couples may want to incorporate specific sexual play in their relationship or simply increase the frequency of sex.

But what is an intimacy coach going to offer you? We provide bespoke feedback to help you feel more comfortable in any intimate environment. This could be simply talking or offering guidance on how to touch your partner.

Therapy often works hand-in-hand with online intimacy coaching – therapists often recommend this service. While therapy helps to focus on the patient and allows them to develop insight into their issues, targeted intimacy coaching enables you to achieve your personal goals.

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Advantages of Online Intimacy Coaching

An online intimacy coach meets with clients through confidential online video-conferencing. All the most effective intimacy coaching exercises can be easily done remotely! Some clients also feel more comfortable having a bit of virtual distance between themselves and their coach, particularly when discussing sex. 

Unlike therapists, you do not have to be in the same state as your online intimacy coach! Wherever you're based, we'd be delighted to hear from you and start work today.


What is an Intimacy Coach?

Introducing: Sex Positivity

With a deluge of conflicting and often harmful information out there, more individuals and couples suffer from intimacy issues today than ever before. As children and young adults, the precious little information we get about sex is often given in hushed whispers and shrouded in shame. 

We never hear that it's okay to feel sexual pleasure and that sharing that pleasure with a partner can strengthen your bond outside the bedroom. Here's what our coaching program can offer you.

Answering Questions

Part of an intimacy coach's work is simply answering nuts and bolts questions about sexual anatomy. It's very common for adults not to know the fundamentals; you shouldn't be ashamed!

Even if you were lucky enough to receive good sex education in school, it probably didn't cover what actual arousal looks like in the body. Or that “freaky” sexual fantasies are actually pretty normal.

Intimacy coaches create a safe space for you to ask all the questions about sex you were afraid to ask. And as you and your partner learn more about sex, you may find your horizons broadening.

Removing Shame

Shame and personal discomfort are bound up with sex for many people. This can keep us from ever experiencing fulfilling sex, and it's difficult to explain to a partner.

Whatever your background, it's important to understand that help is at hand. Certain social stigmas make it hard for some of us to feel comfortable in our own bodies. This is especially true if:

  • You're queer, gay, bisexual, or pansexual
  • You have a disability, or your body just doesn't conform to society's “ideal”
  • You don't comfortably fit into the gender binary, or you just aren't a “girly girl” or “manly man”

Our intimacy coaching is tailored to you. We start by listening; all our work is built around affirming your identity and who you are. It's important to understand that everything about you is okay – we'll help you proceed from there and develop a healthy intimate life.

Our specialists use exercises to help you experience enjoyable touch alone or with a partner. We also use mental exercises that allow you to identify shame in the moment – liberation is all-important.

Healing From Trauma

CDC stats show that half of American women and one-third of American men have experienced physical sexual violence in their lifetimes. This is a horrifying statistic – if you or your partner have experienced sexual trauma, it's difficult to move forward.

If you're a survivor of sexual abuse or assault, it can be understandably hard to feel connected to your sexual self. Intimacy coaching can help you reconnect to your arousal and learn strategies to feel safe being physically close to a partner. It can also involve giving you the language to discuss your trauma with your partner. 

If your partner is a survivor, coaching can help you learn how to support your partner and avoid triggers. It can create a safe space for you to connect with your partner and listen to their experience.

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Relationship Coaching

All the sexual coaching in the world won't help a couple if the underlying issues aren't addressed. Relationship coaching and intimacy coaching go hand in hand – what is an intimacy coach for if not helping you build strong relationships?

We're all served the myth that true love is all a relationship needs and that we're all born with everything we need to have this kind of blissful romantic love. Nothing could be further from the truth. Relationship building requires knowledge and experience, like any skill.

Relationship coaching is about learning and strengthening the skills that allow you to be a good partner.

How to Resolve Fights

Every relationship has disagreements and conflicts, from where to go on vacation to what color to paint the living room. You can't avoid conflicts, but you can be constructive about resolving them.

Relationship coaching will help you relate to your partner and truly listen to what they have to say in an argument. You can work on conflicts as shared problems to solve instead of viewing them as trench warfare.

Develop Your Goals Together

When you and your partner were starting out, perhaps you talked often about your hopes and dreams. Maybe it was living in a specific place, starting a family, or starting a specific career.

Life intervenes in all our relationships. Conversations with your partner become more about adding an item to the grocery list or asking where they hung up your coat. When was the last time you really had a deep conversation about life goals with your partner?

Seeing a relationship and online intimacy coach can be the kind of reset button your relationship needs. It can provide a safe space to talk about your individual goals and develop your #couplegoals. And as you talk more about your hopes and dreams, you may find your physical desire for each other growing deeper.

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Pleasure Power

What is an intimacy coach? At Pleasure Positive Living, we consider it our goal to help you deepen your connection, improve your physical intimacy, and help you learn about your sexual self.

We'll answer your further questions about what is an intimacy coach and talk with you about your goals. You'll also learn how intimacy coaching can help you accomplish them. Don't wait to improve your relationship and your sex life, and schedule your call today!

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