The Pleasure Positive Podcast

Living a pleasure positive lifestyle is Clit Talk’s expertise. As the hosts of Clit Talk - Lindsey, Katie, and Sugar - have spent the last 250+ episodes interviewing everyone from doctors, sexperts, celebrities and even porn stars. The girls next door go out, try all the boundary-pushing sexcapades, confronting and disrupting their shame, then hop on the air to tell all the gritty details. They will try almost anything ONCE. Like getting pregnant at a sex party... #truestory. After 4 successful years of a top rated sexuality podcast now as Intimacy Coaches, they have launched their very own, Sex & Empowerment Signature Masterclass: A roadmap to regain self-love, harness your true voice, and live a turned on life.

Meet the Hosts


Our nurse and life-long Catholic monogamer. Before having ‘clit talks’ she never masturbated, sex hurt and her marriage was suffering from her crippling repression. Now, she’s a new mom, talks about doin it in the butt and is still very much monogamous.


From touring the world as a professional singer alongside Selena Gomez to unexpectedly hosting a sex podcast, Lindsey is completely open about her life. She shares about her body liberation journey, being bi-curious, and proves that settling is never the answer because you are worth having it all even if it’s not the timeline you thought. 

Madison aka "Sugar"

Hilarious, daring and totally queer, at the ripe age of 25, she came out in her marriage and her husband became non-monogamous. Sugar has liked women for as long as she can remember, she grew up being sexual with her girlfriends and by 11 she was leading group masturbation circles without even realizing what she knows today. She shares about ALL this… unabashedly.