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The Ultimate NO BS Guide to Self Pleasure & Sexual Intimacy 

On our top-rated sexuality podcast, Pleasure Positive, we’ve synthesized 200+ episodes with the best sex, intimacy, and masturbation hacks. Take your self pleasure game from 0 to 100 real quick and blow any partner's mind in bed. This FREE Audio Training takes you step by step to explore your sexuality, communicate more meaningfully around desires and uplevel your bedroom mojo.

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This free audio training will help you:


Learn the secret to turn yourself on & get yourself off by discovering your unique masturbation style.


Become cliterate. Learn about the 5 different types of clits and exactly what to do with them.


Uncover your deepest desires so you can maximize your sex and intimacy both in and out of the bedroom.

Meet your coaches

Hi, we're Pleasure Positive!

We are Katie, Lindsey & Madison: Sex & Empowerment Communication Coaches, Intimacy Experts and hosts of the top-rated sexuality podcast, Pleasure Positive.  We help you get better in bed by overcoming shame, exploring your sexuality and communicating more meaningfully around desires. So if you’ve ever felt ashamed, frustrated or confused about sex and sexuality, you’re not alone and we are here to help!  

After 250+ episodes interviewing everyone from doctors, sexperts, celebrities and even porn stars, we have created a FREE audio training of our best highlight reel so you can benefit from our years of trial and error and get the erotic empowerment (and orgasms) you're looking for FAST!


“I've never loved myself more! Now that I know my clit type, I had multiple orgasms and female ejaculation all at the same time during self pleasure. I’ve definitely found my voice in bed with my partner. I can't believe this was free!”

Carol, subscriber of Pleasure Postive Cliff Notes

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Your Ready...

  • To make mind blowing orgasms a regular event.
  • To discover the simple secret to epic intimacy.
  • To implement simple & fun sex tips and blow any partner’s mind in bed.
  • To finally learn the ONE masturbation tip you need to explode your self pleasure practice.
  • To start manifesting your sexual desires effortlessly.
  • To start putting yourself and your pleasure first.
  • You may even learn how to squirt ;)

What's Included

Top features

  • Erotic Meditation: Uncover your Authentic Desires.
  • Masterbation style guide: Discover your Unique self pleasure style. 
  • 5 Different types of Clits and the Sensation that is Best for Each. 
  • Dick Tips: Dick Whispering, Reviving a flaccid penis.
  • Sexy Bedroom Communication Tips.
  • Podcast Episode Guide to Support Free Trainings 
  • Bonus: Interactive Video on Squirting with one of the top experts in the world

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