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You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to the next chapter of your life where great sex, empowered pleasure and epic intimacy is your status quo. 

Based on 5 years of pleasure research, we’ve taken the top sex tips from the top sexual wellness experts around the globe and curated the top sex tips in easy- to-follow videos. 


"My husband and I have never had this much fun in the bedroom. The sex tips portal has completely transformed our sex lives! My husband even told me that this is the best sex we’ve had in years!"

 -NinaParticipant of The Hottest Sex Tips Portal


The Hottest Sex Tips Portal

It takes curiosity, willingness and creativity to keep your sex life fresh and exciting… but let’s be real, we can fall into habits with sex both with partners and our own pleasure practice and end up doing the same thing over and over again - like we’re on autopilot. And this is exactly why we created the Sex Tips Portal. The best sex of your life is on the other side. 

Highly Curated Sex Tips

Our sex tips portal consists of highly curated sex tips you won’t find anywhere on the internet… well, at least not easily. Our portal consists of some of the most unique and potent sexual tips out there. 

Proven Roadmap

We’ve taken our best sex tips and pleasure practices from 250+ episodes of our top rated sexuality podcast and synthesized it into simple, easy to follow along five minute videos.

New Videos Added Monthly 

There are already tons of amazing videos to get you started plus… this is an evergreen portal that you will have lifetime access to. It never stops growing so you will always have something new to try in the bedroom. 

Go at Your Own Pace

You can watch the videos at your own pace. Whether you want to binge them all in a row or pick the ones that resonate with you, there is no right or wrong way.

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What's included:

  • The top sex tips for experts around the world
  • New content every month
  • Orgasm Tips
  • Oral Sex Tips
  • Tantric Sex Tips
  • Kinky Sex Tips
  • Sensuality Tips
  • Breathing exercises for enhancing sexual pleasure
  • Direct access to email all of your questions or request support

"The secret to epic sex starts with the willingness to try new things."

“I’ve had performance anxiety for as long as I can remember. It has been difficult for me to stay hard during sex. As a single man, I felt depleted from the dating scene and it felt as if every sexual experience I was having with a woman was a total fail. When I found the Sex Tips Portal, I dove in deep and binged all the videos. After just a couple weeks I finally re-entered the dating scene and have had two incredible sexual experiences with two different women who both want to continue dating me!”


Meet your Intimacy Coaches

Hi Love,

We’re Katie, Lindsey & Madison.

Living a pleasure positive lifestyle is Clit Talk’s expertise. As Sex & Empowerment Communication Coaches, Intimacy Experts and hosts of the top-rated sexuality podcast, Clit Talk, we help you get better in bed by overcoming shame, exploring your sexuality and communicating more meaningfully around desires. So if you’ve ever felt ashamed, frustrated or confused about sex and sexuality, you’re not alone and we are here to help!  

Sex & communication are skills but unfortunately, no one teaches us how to be an amazing lover, or have deep meaningful intimacy, or express our sexuality in a healthy way. So many of us have terrible sex educations that are based in fear and misinformation. 

What really lights us up is seeing our clients gain sexual confidence and have more pleasurable, satisfying sex that’s baked into their individual, tailored pleasure positive lifestyles. 

So after 200+ episodes interviewing everyone from doctors, sexperts, celebrities and even porn stars, we have created this audio training of our best self-love practices so you can benefit from our years of trial and error and get the erotic empowerment (and orgasms) you're looking for FAST!

This is possible for you too.

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In your Hottest Sex Tips Portal, you’ll see a ton of video content. Choose your own adventure!  Go at your own pace. And start cumming like there’s no tomorrow. 


This is for you if:

  • You’re ready to start having the best sex of your life, which you deserve. 

  • You’re ready to become a sensual Jedi and blow any partner’s mind in bed. 
  • You’re ready to explore your sexuality and sensuality and tap into all your senses.
  • You’re busy and need quick and easy tips to up level your sex life.
  • You’re ready to gain the sexual confidence you’ve been missing.
  • You want the extra BOOST in your already badass life. 

This isn't for you if:

  • You’re already having the sex life of your dreams. 

  • There’s nothing missing from your ability to be intimate with yourself and others.

  • You have an existing sex positive community that inspires you to lead with pleasure.

  • You already have epic orgasms and don’t care to make them better.

Are you ready to become an epic lover, experience peak orgasmic potential, take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary and live a turned on life? 

Join our Pleasure Revolution because no one’s going to put you first but YOU. What are you waiting for?


Vanessa can now orgasm during sex:

"My husband and I hadn’t been having any sex for months and before that when we did, I could never reach orgasm with him during penetration. Then the Sex Tips Portal came into my life. I started experimenting with the new things I was learning  and I’ve been able to reach orgasm every time we have sex now. My husband even told me that this is the best sex we’ve had in years!"

Danny’s friends say she's happier:

“As a single woman, I wasn’t having much partnered sex. But then the portal came into my life. I started learning about things like dick whispering and developing a pleasure practice and now I’m having the best sex of my life and I feel like a badass empowered as fuck single woman. Extra bonus is that my friends say that I’m glowing and that I’m the happiest and healthiest they’ve ever seen me."

Originally $169, now 60% off through Cyber Monday


Black Friday / Cyber Monday Sale

What's Included:

  • The top sex tips for experts around the world

  • New content every month 

  • Orgasm Tips

  • Tantric Sex Tips

  •  Oral Sex Tips

  •  Kinky Sex Tips

  •  Sensuality Tips

  •  Breathing Practices for enhancing sexual pleasure


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