Halloween Special! Tuning into Your Witchy Energy, Casting Spells, & Sex Magic

Halloween Special! Tuning into Your Witchy Energy, Casting Spells, & Sex Magic

In this seriously witchy Halloween episode, Katie and Sugar discuss the concept of being a witch and how everyone has the potential to tap into their own magic. They explore different ways to embrace and enhance one's witchiness. From casting spells with your words, to sex magic, and even period rituals, prepare to be enchanted by their conversation and discover your own inner witch.

00:01:24 Tap into your inner witch through pleasure.

00:08:25 Embrace your inner witchiness with pleasure practices.

00:18:03. Menstrual blood for rituals for empowerment.

00:21:31 Pleasure is available through the senses.

00:23:46 Embrace your inner witch.


Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/n1HOPxEaYRU


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