How Danielle Achieved Sexual Satisfaction in her Long Term Marriage: Client Success Story

How Danielle Achieved Sexual Satisfaction in her Long Term Marriage: Client Success Story

This podcast features a special guest, Danielle, who is a graduate the Pleasure Positive Living community coaching program, focused on accelerating pleasure and disrupting shame. We believe that sharing personal stories helps transform lives, and we hope Danielle's story will inspire you on your own pleasure journey. Danielle is a 45-year-old working mother of four, with one child still at home. She has also been a surrogate for four pregnancies. Before joining the coaching program, Danielle felt sad, lonely, and frustrated, particularly in her sexual relationship with her husband. She felt isolated and had no one to talk to about her frustrations. She even considered cheating but ultimately focused on food as a distraction. She didn't have any friends she felt comfortable discussing this with, as they mostly complained about having to have sex with their husbands. Overall, Danielle felt alone and struggled to broach the topic of her dissatisfaction with anyone... until know. Hear her breakthrough story.


00:00:15 Transformation through community support.

00:06:11 Importance of open communication about sex

00:18:26 Finding excitement in sexual vitality.

00:21:20 Unlocking through choice and communication.

00:25:33 Expanded possibilities through personal growth.

00:34:11 Normalize conversations about sexual desires.

00:39:26 Take the leap of faith.


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Loneliness, frustration, transformation, community, support.


Loneliness, frustration, transformation, community, and support are all key themes in the podcast transcript. The guest, Danielle, shares her story of feeling isolated and sad in her marriage, particularly in regards to the lack of sexual intimacy. She describes feeling alone and not having anyone to talk to about her frustrations. This sense of loneliness and frustration kept her up at night and affected her day-to-day life.


However, Danielle's story takes a positive turn when she joins the Pleasure Positive Living community coaching program. The podcast hosts express their excitement and admiration for Danielle's transformation. They mention how she is now glowing and at a different vibration compared to when they first met her.


The community and support provided by the Pleasure Positive Living program have been instrumental in Danielle's journey. She no longer feels alone and isolated, and she has found a safe space to share her frustrations and seek guidance. The hosts emphasize the importance of sharing stories and how it can inspire and transform lives.


Overall, this podcast episode highlights the power of community and support in overcoming loneliness and frustration and experiencing personal transformation. It emphasizes the importance of finding a safe space to share one's struggles and seek guidance from others who have gone through similar experiences.


Addressing stigma around women's sexuality.


One of the main topics discussed in the podcast is the stigma surrounding women's sexuality. The hosts acknowledge that there is often a cultural expectation for women to downplay their desires and experiences, creating a lack of permission for them to openly express their love for sex. This stigma can lead to feelings of isolation and a reluctance to seek help or discuss these issues.


The podcast hosts also touch on the misconception that sex ends in a long-term relationship, especially as individuals age. They highlight the fact that many older individuals believe their sexual lives are supposed to be over, which further perpetuates the stigma surrounding women's sexuality. This lack of education and support in the medical system is identified as a disservice to individuals seeking help and guidance in this area.


To combat this stigma and provide a safe space for open discussion, the hosts created a community where individuals can freely share their experiences and seek support. They emphasize the importance of having a support system and the freedom to speak openly about one's struggles and desires. By creating this community, the hosts aim to break down the barriers and taboo surrounding women's sexuality and provide a platform for individuals to share their stories without judgment.


The podcast also features a guest who shares her personal experience with a sexless marriage. She discusses how her husband's long-term mental health issues and subsequent use of antidepressants affected their sex life. She highlights the challenges of addressing this issue, as it felt rude and unsupportive to express her dissatisfaction when her husband was actively working on his recovery. This highlights the complexity of addressing the stigma around women's sexuality within the context of a relationship.


The guest also shares her fears and concerns about accepting a sexless marriage, emphasizing the importance of reconnecting with her pleasure and desires. She discusses the warning signs and symptoms that pushed her to seek a solution and find a community where she could openly discuss her struggles.


Overall, this podcast episode sheds light on the stigma surrounding women's sexuality and the need for open dialogue and support. It emphasizes the importance of creating communities where individuals can freely share their experiences and seek guidance without judgment. By addressing this stigma, individuals can feel empowered to embrace their desires and work towards fulfilling and satisfying sexual experiences.


Finding excitement in sexual vitality.


The podcast transcript begins with a discussion about warning signs and the impact of losing one's spark in a relationship. The speaker mentions that they started researching non-monogamy after their husband expressed certain things to them. This exploration of non-monogamy became a real possibility for them, and they began to consider the idea of going outside of their relationship with permission. This revelation led them to seek out resources and support, including a founder course and Reddit.


The speaker admits that they had never been on Reddit before and had only seen occasional tweets about it. However, their curiosity about non-monogamy prompted them to start actively searching for information on the platform. They also mention that they had a friend who was in an open relationship, which piqued their interest and made them feel safe to talk about their own desires.


The speaker discusses their journey of coming to the realization that non-monogamy might be the right path for them. They attended a small workshop and found it helpful to hear from others who were in similar situations. They also mention a friend who guided them and introduced them to Reddit and various apps related to non-monogamy.


The speaker expresses their appreciation for the openness and acceptance they found in the course they joined. They mention the importance of finding excitement and vitality in their own sexuality and wanting to tap into that energy. They sought to explore their desires and find a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in their sexual experiences.


This podcast episode highlights the significance of finding excitement and vitality in one's sexual life. It emphasizes the need for open-mindedness, support, and non-judgmental spaces where individuals can freely explore their desires and seek guidance. By creating communities that embrace diverse relationship styles and sexual preferences, individuals can feel empowered to embrace their own sexuality and find fulfillment in their experiences. This episode encourages listeners to challenge societal stigmas surrounding women's sexuality and promote open dialogue and understanding.


Unlocking pleasure through self-discovery.


The podcast episode begins with the speaker expressing her dissatisfaction with her current state of being. She describes feeling frumpy and shrinking inside, indicating a lack of confidence and self-esteem. Her initial goal was simple - to feel good about herself and regain her happiness. This desire for self-improvement and personal growth is relatable and universal.


The speaker then discusses her expectations for the course she enrolled in. She hoped that it would help her feel hot and revive her sex life. However, she admits to initially doubting whether the course would truly be able to fulfill these desires. This skepticism is understandable, as many people may have reservations about the effectiveness of self-help programs.


As the podcast progresses, it becomes clear that the course goes beyond surface-level changes. It delves into the core of the individual's limiting beliefs and challenges them to take responsibility for their pleasure. This notion of taking ownership of one's pleasure is powerful and can be transformative. It encourages individuals to prioritize their desires and explore their sexuality without shame or guilt.


The speaker recalls a moment when she almost quit the course because it wasn't what she expected. However, she was convinced to continue, and week by week, she witnessed a transformation in herself. This highlights the importance of perseverance and trusting the process of self-discovery. Change takes time, and it is through commitment and dedication that true growth can occur.


The turning point for the speaker came when she was confronted with the idea of choice. She had previously believed that she had only two options - to conform and wither away or to disrupt her entire life. However, the course allowed her to see the multitude of possibilities that existed between these extremes. This realization was liberating and opened her eyes to the gray areas of life. It empowered her to make choices that aligned with her values and desires.


The speaker also emphasizes the importance of having a support system. She mentions her pleasure partner, with whom she could freely discuss her thoughts and feelings. This highlights the significance of having someone to confide in and share experiences with. It is through these connections that individuals can feel less isolated and more understood.


In conclusion, this podcast episode explores the concept of unlocking pleasure through self-discovery. It highlights the need for individuals to challenge societal norms and embrace their own sexuality. By creating non-judgmental spaces and supportive communities, individuals can feel empowered to explore their desires and find fulfillment in their experiences. This episode serves as a reminder that self-discovery is a journey that requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to challenge one's beliefs.


Choice brings clarity and transformation.


One of the main themes discussed in this podcast is the power of choice in bringing clarity and transformation. The speaker shares their personal experience of realizing that they had the choice to have a fulfilling sex life, even within the confines of a monogamous relationship. This realization opened up a world of possibilities and allowed them to see beyond their limiting beliefs.


The speaker describes how, prior to this realization, they felt stuck and trapped in their situation. They believed that non-monogamy was not for them and that they had no other option but to accept their unsatisfying sex life. However, once they recognized that they had a choice, everything changed. The world became technicolor for them, and they could see other possibilities that they hadn't considered before.


What is interesting is that the speaker didn't immediately know how to achieve a fulfilling sex life. They didn't have all the answers or a clear plan. But they made the choice and trusted that the path would appear. This demonstrates the power of choice in itself. By choosing to have a fulfilling sex life, they were able to shift their mindset and energy, which ultimately led to a transformation in their relationship.


The speaker also shares how this choice affected their relationship with their spouse. They didn't have a specific talk about it, but energetically something changed. It is clear that the speaker's change in mindset and being had a profound impact on their spouse as well. The spouse made the decision to stop taking antidepressants and expressed a desire to be physically intimate and fulfill the speaker's needs.


This synchronicity and alignment of choices demonstrate the transformative power of choice. By making a conscious choice to have a fulfilling sex life, the speaker not only transformed their own experience but also influenced their spouse's decision to prioritize their physical intimacy. This highlights the ripple effect that one person's choices can have on others.


Throughout the podcast, the speaker emphasizes the importance of choice and the freedom it brings. They encourage listeners to not get caught up in the "how" of achieving their desires but to focus on making the choice and trusting that the path will appear. This mindset shift allows individuals to be unstoppable in their pursuit of a fulfilling life.


In conclusion, this podcast episode explores the concept of choice bringing clarity and transformation. It highlights the power of choosing to have a fulfilling sex life and how this choice can lead to a shift in mindset, energy, and ultimately, the transformation of relationships. The speaker's personal experience serves as a reminder that choice is a powerful tool for self-discovery and empowerment. By embracing choice and challenging societal norms, individuals can unlock pleasure and find fulfillment in their experiences.


Normalize conversations about sexual desires.


The podcast episode emphasizes the importance of normalizing conversations about sexual desires. It begins by discussing how many people wait too long to address their sexual needs and struggles, resulting in a buildup of difficulties. However, the speaker emphasizes that it doesn't have to be this way and encourages listeners to seek help and support without feeling desperate.


The episode highlights the transformative power of addressing and embracing one's sexual desires. The speaker shares their own experience of unlocking their desires and how it positively impacted their life. They mention reconnecting with their partner and experiencing intimacy, as well as opening up to friends and family about their needs. This newfound vulnerability and openness led to a deeper level of relatedness with loved ones and a sense of fulfillment.


The podcast also emphasizes the importance of community and support in this journey. The speaker mentions the community coaching program and how it promises to forever change lives in a radical way. They discuss the significance of having a safe space to express desires and not feeling judged. This community serves as a resource for guidance and support in unlocking and understanding one's desires.


The episode also touches on the impact of mental health and medication on sexual desires. The speaker mentions the importance of educating oneself and seeking alternatives for those experiencing sexual side effects from antidepressants. They provide information about a specific medication that can help mitigate these side effects.


Overall, the podcast episode highlights the power of normalizing conversations about sexual desires. It emphasizes the importance of choice and empowerment in embracing and fulfilling one's sexual needs. By opening up and seeking support, individuals can experience transformation and find fulfillment in their relationships and overall well-being.


"Trust and say yes."


The podcast episode revolves around the concept of "Trust and say yes." It explores the idea of trusting oneself and others in order to embrace and fulfill one's sexual desires. The hosts of the podcast discuss their experiences with a community that encourages individuals to explore their desires and provides a safe space for them to do so.


The episode begins with a discussion about a "full body fuck yes checklist" that is available for download. This checklist serves as a tool for individuals to assess their desires and determine whether they are truly enthusiastic about engaging in a particular sexual activity. It emphasizes the importance of consent and enthusiastic participation in sexual encounters.


The hosts then express their surprise and gratitude for the positive impact that the community has had on their lives. They admit to having low expectations initially, but the community exceeded their expectations and helped them break free from personal limitations. The hosts attribute this breakthrough to the support and understanding they received from the community.


Throughout the episode, the hosts express their gratitude to the community for trusting them and allowing them to be part of their journey. They acknowledge the courage it takes for individuals to explore their desires and take a leap of faith. The hosts emphasize that it is an honor to be part of this transformative process and express their gratitude for the opportunity.


The episode concludes with the hosts encouraging listeners to trust and say yes to their desires. They highlight the importance of taking risks and not letting fear hold them back. They also mention that they are working on making the course more accessible and better for individuals who are interested in exploring their desires further.


Overall, the podcast episode emphasizes the power of trust and saying yes to one's desires. It encourages individuals to embrace their sexual needs and seek support in order to find fulfillment in their relationships and overall well-being. By normalizing conversations about sexual desires and providing a safe space for exploration, the episode highlights the transformative potential of embracing one's desires and living authentically.