How to Empower the Men in Our Lives: Myths About Men with Cam Fraser

How to Empower the Men in Our Lives: Myths About Men with Cam Fraser

What does it take to have a fulfilling sex life and how might the myths about men be getting in the way of us empowering the men in our life? Cam Fraser, Australia's leading men's sex coach discusses the importance of understanding oneself in order to have a fulfilling sex life and overall life. He also addresses common misconceptions about men's sexuality and he provides techniques for dealing with a flaccid penis. Cam emphasizes the importance of communication, self-expression and understanding in intimate relationships and fostering a healthy and fulfilling sex life.


00:03:02 Men's sex drive is not constant.

00:06:14. Men's sex drive fluctuates.

00:11:12 Rigid masculinity limits sexual expression.

00:18:29 Engage in active, physical conversations.

00:19:04 Creating safety and space for communication.

00:27:35 Effective communication improves relationships.

00:30:45 Masturbation habits affect sexual performance.

00:34:20 Communicate and touch partners differently.

00:39:22 Relaxation enhances sexual connection.

00:44:26. Men can use vibrators too.

00:50:13 Reframe sexual energy as giving, not taking.

00:53:12 Sex is more than reproduction.

00:58:38 Slow down for better sex.


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