EP240 Thriving in Nonmonogamy with the Host of Open Late, Jessica Esfandiary


We have a fun collaboration to share with you this week Cliterati! We are podcesting with a new podcast called “Open Late” - Conversations on relationships through the lens of non-monogamy where you can discover how your relationships can be a vehicle for growth. Always great to have another non-monogamer in the house, please welcome Jessica Esfandiary!


In this episode you will discover:

  • What it looks like to be queer/bi in a committed relationships 
  • How to navigate multiple relationships
  • Nomonogamy as a vehicle for growth
  • Ways to navigate multiple partners

Take Jessica’s Relationship Type Quiz | https://www.jessicaesfandiary.com/whats-your-relationship-style



Watch this episode on YouTube |  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWKiYWq779CgHZcI07320Sg 

Stay Connected with Jessica Esfandiary:

Jessica’s IG | https://www.instagram.com/journey.with.jessica/

Open Late Podcast IG | https://www.instagram.com/openlatethepodcast/?hl=en

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