Flirting 101: Flirting Tips & the FLIRT Framework with Dating Coach Benjamin Camras

Flirting 101: Flirting Tips & the FLIRT Framework with Dating Coach Benjamin Camras

In this episode, we explore the topic of flirting with a charismatic flirt and dating coach, Benjamin, known for unleashing the power of "Big Flirt Energy" (BFE). We discuss the concept of BFE and its significance in the dating world. Benjamin gives us his FLIRT framework... yes, there's an acronym! This episode promises to provide dating tips, flirting tips, revelations, and a contagious dose of BFE.


[00:04:24] The importance of flirting.

[00:09:35] Lack of expectations.

[00:12:07] Flirting conversation tips.

[00:16:08] Flirting and connection.

[00:20:39] The Big Flirt Energy.

[00:24:32] Body confidence and self-talk.

[00:31:16] Seduction and the art of flirting.


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BFE: Be yourself, feel the connection.


BFE, or Big Flirt Energy, is a concept that emphasizes the importance of being yourself and feeling the connection when it comes to flirting and dating. In a podcast transcript, the host introduces Benjamin Kamras, a charismatic flirt and dating coach who specializes in unleashing the power of BFE.


The host begins the episode by asking the audience if they want to ignite passion in their relationships, find a partner for more passionate sex, or break free from sexual oppression to experience the pleasure they desire. They encourage listeners to reach out for support by sending a direct message on Instagram or emailing them. This sets the stage for the discussion on flirting and dating.


The host and guest then dive into the topic of BFE. Benjamin Kamras explains that BFE is about being yourself and not overthinking or overanalyzing when it comes to flirting. He acknowledges that many people struggle with trying to make a great first impression, which can lead to performative behavior and being in their heads.


Instead, BFE encourages individuals to feel their way through the flirt and be authentic. It's about making a genuine connection with the other person rather than trying to think their way through it. Benjamin emphasizes that flirting is about being oneself and coming from a place of authenticity. This shift in mindset empowers individuals and boosts their confidence.


The host and guest discuss how flirting is often overlooked in conversations about dating and relationships. While there is plenty of information available on dating and relationships, there is a lack of resources specifically focused on flirting. However, flirting is the foundation of forming connections and going on dates.


The conversation concludes with the host reflecting on the importance of being present and in the moment, both in flirting and in sexual experiences. They draw a parallel between performative sex and performative flirting, highlighting the need to prioritize genuine connections and authenticity.


In summary, BFE encourages individuals to be themselves and feel the connection when flirting and dating. It emphasizes the importance of authenticity and genuine connections, rather than overthinking or performing. By embracing BFE, individuals can approach flirting with confidence and create meaningful connections with others.


Revive flirting in long-term relationships.


Flirting is an essential aspect of romantic relationships, as it helps to create excitement, anticipation, and connection between partners. However, in long-term relationships, flirting often fades away over time, leading to a loss of spark and intimacy. In a podcast episode about reviving flirting in long-term relationships, the hosts explore ways to bring back the excitement and tension that flirting brings.


The hosts begin by discussing the importance of feeling the flirt rather than thinking about it. They emphasize the need to connect with the emotions and sensations that flirting brings, rather than overthinking or analyzing it. This approach allows individuals to fully immerse themselves in the moment and experience the thrill of flirting.


The podcast acknowledges that many people in long-term relationships seek to reignite the spark and bring back the flirting dynamics. They emphasize that flirting is not limited to single individuals looking for a partner but can also be beneficial for those in committed relationships. The hosts identify two main categories of people seeking to revive flirting in their relationships: those looking for a partner and those wanting to bring back the spark in their long-term partnership.


To address the latter group, the hosts introduce their flirt framework, where each letter of the word "flirt" represents a different aspect of flirting. They focus on the letter "T," which stands for tension. Tension, in this context, refers to the excitement, momentum, and anticipation that flirting brings. It is the feeling of being alive and engaged in the moment.


To bring back the tension and excitement into a long-term relationship, the hosts suggest incorporating spontaneity. They share a story about their parents, who hide action figures or figurines around the house with notes, creating surprises and excitement for each other. These small acts of spontaneity can range from a simple note expressing love to planning a surprise date night. The key is to create intentional moments where the focus is solely on the couple, allowing them to reconnect and experience the thrill of flirting.


The hosts highlight that no act of spontaneity is too small when it comes to reviving flirting in a long-term relationship. It is about infusing the relationship with excitement and anticipation, bringing back the element of tension that is often lost over time. By making intentional time for each other and incorporating spontaneity, couples can rekindle the flirtatious dynamics that initially attracted them to each other.


In conclusion, the podcast episode emphasizes the importance of reviving flirting in long-term relationships. It encourages individuals to feel the connection and embrace the excitement and tension that flirting brings. By incorporating spontaneity and creating intentional moments for each other, couples can bring back the spark and intimacy that may have faded over time. The hosts promote authenticity and genuine connections, urging individuals to be themselves and embrace the thrill of flirting in their long-term relationships.


Flirting is about authentic connection.


The podcast episode titled "Flirting is about authentic connection" explores the concept of flirting and its role in forming genuine connections with others. The hosts discuss the different aspects of flirting and provide insights on how to approach it in a meaningful way.


The episode begins by introducing the Flirt Flame, a framework created by one of the hosts to break down the different aspects of flirting. The first letter, F, stands for framing the conversation. This emphasizes the importance of being present in the moment and not overthinking the flirt. Instead of trying to plan every move or anticipate the outcome, the hosts suggest feeling your way through the flirt and being fully engaged in the present moment.


The next letter, L, stands for lack of expectations. The hosts highlight the importance of not going into a flirt with specific expectations or outcomes in mind. When individuals focus too much on a desired result, they lose sight of the connection and may feel let down or rejected if their expectations are not met. By approaching flirting without expectations, individuals can focus on the genuine connection and enjoy the process without putting unnecessary pressure on themselves or the other person.


The hosts acknowledge that it can be challenging to determine if someone is genuinely flirting or just pursuing a specific outcome. They emphasize that if the flirt feels good and enjoyable, it is likely a genuine connection. This highlights the importance of trusting one's intuition and embracing the energy of the flirt.


The podcast also emphasizes the role of intention and intuition in flirting. By connecting with one's intuition and trusting oneself, individuals can navigate the flirt with confidence. The hosts encourage listeners to be authentic and embrace the awkwardness that may arise. They emphasize that it is okay to stumble over words or make mistakes, as long as the intention to make a genuine connection remains.


The hosts also stress the importance of relating and connecting in flirting. It is about allowing oneself to be seen for who they truly are and reciprocating that energy when engaging with others. By staying present and focused on the connection, individuals can avoid overthinking or dwelling on past interactions.


Finally, the podcast discusses the importance of tension and excitement in flirting. These elements drive the flirt forward and contribute to the overall experience. By embracing the tension and excitement, individuals can keep the flirt alive and maintain a sense of thrill in their interactions.


In conclusion, the podcast episode emphasizes the importance of flirting as a means of fostering authentic connections with others. The hosts encourage individuals to approach flirting with a present mindset, without expectations, and with a focus on genuine connection. By embracing intuition, intention, and the energy of the flirt, individuals can navigate the process with confidence and enjoy the excitement and tension it brings. Ultimately, flirting can revitalize long-term relationships by bringing back the spark and intimacy that may have faded over time.


Flirting for introverts and self-connection.


For introverts, flirting can be challenging, as they may struggle with social anxiety and finding ways to connect with others. However, the podcast suggests that introverts can still engage in flirting, both in-person and through dating apps, by utilizing their strengths and preferences.


One tactic mentioned in the podcast is the use of non-verbal flirting skills, such as body language and eye contact. Introverts can leverage these skills to convey interest and intrigue without having to rely solely on verbal communication. By playing with tone of voice and pacing, introverts can also add depth and nuance to their flirting, creating a sense of excitement and unpredictability.


Accessories can also be incorporated into the flirt, serving as a way to diffuse nervous energy and provide something to touch or play with. Whether it's a necklace, a collar, or a piece of jewelry, these accessories can enhance the overall flirtation experience and make introverts feel more comfortable and confident.


When it comes to dating apps, introverts may find it easier to flirt through text. This is because they have time to think, plan their responses, and interpret what the other person has said. Flirting through text allows introverts to go at their own pace and avoid the pressure of thinking on the spot. However, the podcast encourages introverts to also engage in in-person flirting, as it can help build confidence and create a more well-rounded flirting experience.


Moreover, the podcast highlights the importance of self-connection in the flirting process. It suggests that individuals who struggle with feeling spontaneous or connected to themselves should start by flirting with themselves first. This involves embracing self-flirtation and exploring ways to make oneself feel good. By doing so, individuals can develop a sense of confidence and comfort in their own flirtatious energy, which can then be extended to interactions with others.


In conclusion, flirting for introverts and self-connection go hand in hand. By utilizing their strengths, such as non-verbal communication skills and the ability to think and plan their responses, introverts can engage in flirting both in-person and through dating apps. Additionally, by starting with self-flirtation, introverts can cultivate a sense of confidence and connection with themselves, which will ultimately enhance their ability to connect with others. Flirting is not just about finding a date or a romantic partner, but also about building genuine connections and enjoying the excitement and tension that comes with it.


Flirting is about connection and attention.


Flirting is about connection and attention. This is the main theme that emerges from the podcast transcript. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being mindful and careful when flirting, as it involves giving and receiving attention from another person. They highlight the potential risks of flirting with someone who may not be interested or comfortable with the attention, and the need to be respectful of boundaries.


The speaker also emphasizes that flirting can be both romantic and platonic. It can occur in various contexts, such as dating, relationships, friendships, and even in professional settings. They provide an example of flirting with colleagues at work, where there is no intention of making a romantic move but rather creating a fun and playful connection.


Furthermore, the speaker introduces the concept of "big flirt energy" (BFE), which is described as being in the moment, having fun, and being authentic. They explain that platonic flirting can involve activities like dancing or engaging in playful banter without any expectations or pressure. It is about enjoying the moment and creating a sense of excitement and tension.


For those who feel lost or clueless about flirting, the speaker offers practical advice. They suggest starting by reflecting on how one likes to give and receive attention. Understanding one's own preferences can help in connecting with their inner flirt and becoming more comfortable with the back-and-forth dynamic of flirting. Additionally, they recommend incorporating micro flirting into daily life, such as holding the door for someone or giving compliments. Making observations about the surroundings can also be a great conversation starter and a way to establish a connection.


In conclusion, flirting is not just about finding a romantic partner or a date. It is about building connections, both romantic and platonic, and enjoying the excitement and tension that comes with it. Flirting requires attention and connection, and it is important to be mindful and respectful of the other person's boundaries. By starting with self-flirtation and understanding one's own preferences, individuals can cultivate confidence and enhance their ability to connect with others.


Importance of receiving in flirting.


One aspect of flirting that is often overlooked is the importance of receiving. In a podcast transcript, the hosts discuss how the act of receiving compliments and flirtatious gestures can have a significant impact on the dynamics of a relationship. They highlight how, over time, individuals may become less receptive to compliments and may even discount or reject them altogether. This can be discouraging for the person giving the compliments and can lead to a decline in the flirting energy within the relationship.


The hosts draw attention to the fact that receiving is just as important as giving when it comes to flirting. They emphasize the need to practice the art of receiving and to play back the compliments and flirtatious remarks with gratitude and enthusiasm. By doing so, individuals can create a positive and encouraging environment for flirting to thrive.


The transcript also touches upon the detrimental effects of negative self-talk and self-deprecating comments on the ability to receive and engage in flirting. The hosts discuss how constantly putting oneself down or criticizing one's appearance can discourage others from wanting to engage in flirtatious interactions. They suggest that individuals should be mindful of their self-talk and outward expressions, focusing on creating space for flirting to arise in their lives.


Furthermore, the hosts highlight the distinction between being hit on and being flirted with. They express their dislike for being hit on and explain that flirting, when done right, can be a more enjoyable and meaningful experience. They encourage listeners to understand the difference and to approach flirting with the intention of building connections rather than pursuing specific goals or objectives.


The podcast also raises the idea that flirting can serve as a preface to a sustainable relationship. The hosts discuss how flirting and connection are often the sparks that ignite a romantic relationship. They suggest that many people may miss out on the potential of true flirtatious interactions due to their own expectations and pressures of finding a partner within a certain timeline. By embracing the art of flirting and allowing genuine connections to develop, individuals may find themselves on a path to a more fulfilling and sustainable relationship.


In conclusion, the podcast transcript emphasizes the importance of receiving in flirting. It highlights the need for individuals to be open and receptive to compliments and flirtatious gestures, as this can encourage the continuation of the flirting energy within a relationship. The transcript also emphasizes the significance of self-flirtation and understanding one's own preferences in order to effectively engage in flirting with others. By practicing the art of receiving and creating a positive and encouraging environment for flirting, individuals can enhance their ability to connect with others and potentially foster meaningful relationships.


Flirting is important for relationships.


Flirting is an essential aspect of building and maintaining relationships. The podcast transcript explores the role of flirting in establishing a foundation for long-term connections. It emphasizes the importance of playfulness, communication, and compatibility in the flirting process.


One key aspect highlighted in the transcript is the role of flirting in getting to know someone and assessing their interest and compatibility. Flirting allows individuals to pick up on nuances such as how someone pays attention to what they say and how they show up for them. These subtle cues can provide insights into the potential for a long-term relationship. By engaging in flirtatious interactions, individuals can gauge the level of chemistry and alignment with their romantic interests.


Flirting also plays a significant role in seduction, as mentioned in the transcript. While flirting focuses on building a foundation, seduction involves playing with elements of power and pleasure. It is important to note that seduction should be approached with consent and respect. The podcast transcript suggests that the push and pull of seduction can create an energy that is different from the playful energy of flirting.


The transcript also touches on the idea of self-flirtation and the importance of understanding one's own preferences. By being aware of one's desires, individuals can effectively engage in flirting with others. This self-awareness allows individuals to confidently express their interests and preferences, enhancing their ability to connect with others on a deeper level.


Furthermore, the transcript highlights the significance of kindness and acts of appreciation in flirting. Kindness is seen as a powerful tool in both platonic and romantic relationships. By showing genuine appreciation and kindness towards others, individuals can create a positive and loving environment for flirting to thrive. This emphasis on kindness aligns with the overall message of the podcast, which encourages individuals to be good, loving, and kind people in the world.


In conclusion, the podcast transcript emphasizes the importance of flirting in relationships. It underscores the need for open communication, playfulness, and compatibility in the flirting process. By being receptive to compliments and flirtatious gestures, individuals can foster a positive and encouraging environment for flirting. Additionally, self-flirtation and understanding one's own preferences contribute to effective engagement in flirting with others. Overall, flirting serves as a valuable tool in building connections and potentially fostering meaningful relationships.


Flirting brings joy and connection.


Flirting is often seen as a lighthearted and playful way to interact with others, but the podcast transcript delves deeper into the significance of flirting and how it can bring joy and connection to individuals. The conversation highlights the power of flirting to enhance relationships and create a positive atmosphere.


One aspect that is emphasized in the podcast is the importance of open communication in flirting. By expressing one's desires and intentions, individuals can create a safe space for flirtatious interactions. This allows both parties to understand each other's boundaries and preferences, leading to a more enjoyable and consensual experience.


Furthermore, the podcast highlights the role of playfulness in flirting. Flirting is not just about making romantic advances or expressing attraction; it is also about engaging in light-hearted banter and teasing. This playful approach can create a sense of excitement and anticipation, making the interaction more enjoyable for both parties.


The transcript also touches on the concept of self-flirtation. By understanding one's own desires, preferences, and boundaries, individuals can engage in flirting with a greater sense of confidence and authenticity. Self-flirtation involves exploring one's own sensuality and embracing one's unique qualities, which can enhance the overall flirting experience.


Another important aspect discussed in the podcast is the idea of compatibility in flirting. It is emphasized that flirting should be a two-way street, with both parties reciprocating and enjoying the interaction. This compatibility can be based on shared interests, values, or simply a mutual attraction. When both individuals are on the same wavelength, flirting becomes a more fulfilling and meaningful experience.


The podcast also challenges the notion that flirting is solely about hitting on people. It expands the definition of flirting to include a broader conversation about connection and building relationships. Flirting is portrayed as a way to uplift others and make their day better. By engaging in flirtatious interactions with strangers, individuals can spread positivity and raise their own vibrations.


Overall, the podcast transcript highlights the transformative power of flirting. It brings joy and connection by fostering open communication, playfulness, self-exploration, and compatibility. By embracing flirting as a valuable tool in building connections, individuals can potentially create meaningful and fulfilling relationships.


Flirting is about connection and expression.


Flirting is often seen as a superficial and frivolous activity, reserved for those seeking short-term flings or casual encounters. However, this podcast challenges this notion and argues that flirting is actually about connection and expression. It delves into the deeper meaning behind flirting and how it can be a powerful tool in building relationships.


The podcast host begins by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with the listeners. They acknowledge that many people may be seeking tips on how to attract and "get the guy," but they emphasize that flirting is about more than just surface-level attraction. It is about creating connections and expressing oneself authentically.


The host acknowledges that while flirting can certainly be used to spice up romantic relationships, it is also valuable for those who are just starting to date or have anxiety around dating. They emphasize that flirting is not solely about attracting someone, but rather about building a connection and allowing oneself to be seen and understood by another person.


The podcast encourages listeners to view flirting as a way to break down barriers and foster genuine connections. It is not about manipulation or playing games, but rather about being open, vulnerable, and willing to express oneself. By doing so, individuals can create a space for mutual understanding and exploration.


The podcast concludes by acknowledging that while practical tips and techniques can be helpful, the true power of flirting lies in its ability to foster connection and expression. It encourages listeners to embrace flirting as a way to spice up their relationships, but also as a means of personal growth and self-discovery.


In conclusion, the podcast highlights the transformative power of flirting as a tool for connection and expression. It challenges the notion that flirting is superficial and emphasizes its ability to foster genuine connections and personal growth. By embracing flirting as a valuable tool in building relationships, individuals can potentially create meaningful and fulfilling connections.