Weaving Pleasure into Your Profession with the Creators of Making it with Marcus and Marianna

Weaving Pleasure into Your Profession with the Creators of Making it with Marcus and Marianna

Do you have any dreams on the back burner? This season’s theme ‘Pleasure Resilience’ invites us to reconnect with those dreams and dust them off. Join us in this episode as we celebrate dreams, love, and the dynamic duo behind the Making It With Marcus and Marianna podcast, Marianna and Marcus. Discover Marianna's journey from our first intern to becoming her own podcast sensation, and how pleasure positivity fueled her rise. Hear the inspiring love story of how Marianna and Marcus went from best friends to lovers, and now collaborators. Get ready to unlock the secrets to supercharging your career with pleasure and celebrating life's magic.


00:01:44 - The Birth of 'Making It With Marcus and Mariana' Podcast

00:03:10 - Supercharging Your Career with Pleasure

00:04:28 - Mariana's Journey from Intern to Podcast Sensation

00:07:01 - Generational Perspectives on Taking Risks

00:07:44 - The Role of Pleasure Positivity in Career Decisions

00:09:38 - The Importance of Support and Taking Risks

00:10:57 - Balancing Work and Personal Time as a Couple

00:11:20 - Vision and Goals for a Pleasure-Positive Career

00:13:40 - The Dynamics of Working Together as a Couple

00:14:39 - Sneak Peek into the Goals of 'Making It With Marcus and Marianna Podcast

00:19:33 - Mariana and Marcus's Love Story and Manifesting Each Other

00:21:00 - Tips for Supercharging Your Career with Pleasure

00:22:33 - Advice for Best Friends Considering a Romantic Relationship

00:23:44 - The Power of Partnership in Achieving Career Goals

00:25:21 - The Moment Mariana Realized She Loved Marcus

00:27:06 - Tips for Incorporating Pleasure into Your Career Path

00:28:58 - Marcus's Advice on Pursuing a Career Aligned with Passions

00:31:06 - The Importance of Grounding and Support in Partnerships

00:33:35 - Dreaming Big and Creating Together as a Couple


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Are you tired of hearing that vulnerability is a weakness? Well, buckle up because Mariana and Marcus are here to show you just how wrong that notion is. Let's dive into their rollercoaster journey from uncertainty to success, filled with passion, resilience, and a sprinkle of humor along the way.

Vulnerability: The Secret Sauce to Success

Picture this: Mariana, unsure of her career path, starts as an intern for a podcast. Sounds like the beginning of every "finding yourself" movie, right? But here's the plot twist: Mariana embraced vulnerability like a superhero's cape. She opened herself up to new experiences, connections, and opportunities. And guess what? It worked!

Passion: Fuel for the Journey

Passion isn't just a buzzword; it's the rocket fuel that propels you toward your dreams. Mariana's passion for production wasn't just a fleeting interest; it was her North Star. She didn't settle for a lukewarm job; she pursued her passion with the fiery determination of a dragon guarding its treasure. And spoiler alert: she found her pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Success: It's More Than a Corner Office

Forget the clichés about success being all about money and power. Mariana and Marcus are here to drop some truth bombs. Success is about finding fulfillment and happiness in what you do. By embracing vulnerability and pursuing their passions, they didn't just climb the corporate ladder; they built a ladder to the stars and danced among them.

Embrace Risk and Hustle Hard

Now, let's talk about risk-taking and hustling harder than a squirrel gathering nuts for winter. Mariana and Marcus faced layoffs, financial setbacks, and industry strikes. But did they throw in the towel? Heck no! They rolled up their sleeves, took risks, and hustled like their lives depended on it. And guess what? It paid off big time!

Balance in Work and Relationship

Who says you can't mix business with pleasure? Mariana and Marcus sure don't. They've mastered the delicate art of working together while keeping the flames of love burning bright. Setting boundaries, communication, and a healthy dose of humor are their secret ingredients for balancing work and relationship goals.

From Behind the Camera to In Front

Lights, camera, action! Mariana and Marcus didn't just stay behind the scenes; they stepped into the spotlight. Their journey from behind the camera to in front is a masterclass in collaboration, communication, and dedication. Together, they're not just making waves; they're creating a tidal wave of change.

Friendship Turned into Love Story

Who needs a fairytale romance when you have a friendship turned love story? Mariana and Marcus prove that the best relationships start with a strong foundation of friendship. Their journey from buddies to partners in crime is a testament to the power of communication, understanding, and a dash of serendipity.

Infuse Pleasure into Career Goals

Work doesn't have to be a four-letter word. Mariana and Marcus are here to remind you that infusing pleasure into your career goals can turn your 9-to-5 grind into a 24/7 joyride. From setting pleasure-driven goals to finding what you love and applying it relentlessly, they're living proof that work can be a pleasure cruise, not a Titanic disaster.

Thriving Relationships Lead to Resilience

In a world where relationships often feel like survival mode, Mariana and Marcus are thriving. Their story is a beacon of hope for anyone navigating the choppy waters of love and career. By nurturing their bond, supporting each other's dreams, and building a community of love and support, they've become the poster couple for resilience.

So, there you have it, folks! Mariana and Marcus aren't just a couple; they're a living, breathing manifesto of vulnerability, passion, and success. So go ahead, embrace your quirks, chase your dreams, and remember: success is not just about reaching the top; it's about enjoying the climb.